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Are you experiencing the following problems in selecting insulation manufacturers?

Manufacturers with guaranteed product quality and production strength?

Can't find a design, manufacturing and after-sales company?

Can't guarantee the quality and long-term service life of the products?

delivery time is not guaranteed, can't follow up on time?

If there are problems in the use of the product?

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Benefit depends on quality

There are 2 sets of liquid silica gel injection machines of 150t, 2 sets of 120t, 4 sets of 300t vacuum vulcanizers, 6 sets of 200t vacuum vulcanizers, 4 sets of 150t flat vulcanizers, and other supporting production equipment are complete;

Quality depends on Technology

There are more than 40 administrative personnel and operation workers, 18 professional and technical personnel, and more than 70% of the operation workers have more than 10 years of process production experience;

Technology depends on Talents

The products are shipped after rough inspection, fine inspection and fine inspection, with strict internal quality control;

Quality for development

The speed of detail drawing is as fast as 2 days, and the production time of bulk goods is as fast as 7 days; All product proofing fees are free, and only the lowest cost of mold opening is charged.

Suzhou Junfeng Silicone Products Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Junfeng silica gel products Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in mold design, production and product solutions of liquid / solid silica gel products. Long term production of silica gel atomizer mask, and medical equipment related accessories; silica gel bracelet, mosquito repellent ring, mobile phone cover, mobile phone base, coaster and other handicrafts; silica gel seal, gasket, cushion, gum foot pad and other silicone rubber mechanical accessories.......

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Characteristics of silica gel products
Silica gel products have the following characteristics:
1. High and low temperature resistance characteristics of silica gel products: at 200℃ can be used for a long time, still elastic at -60℃;
Analysis of liquid silica gel products
At present, there are not many mould silicone manufacturers that can produce liquid silica gel products, mainly because the investment of production equipment is relatively large, and the cost of raw
What are the liquid silicone products?
Characteristics of liquid silica gel products:
1, liquid silica gel products high and low temperature stability;
2, inert (tasteless odorless), almost no other substances to react;
Development trend of silica products
Worldwide, the global production capacity of silica gel products has reached 500,000 t/a, with annual sales of about $1 billion. As a new type of synthetic polymer material, it is widely used in aviat
How about the market prospect of silica products?
Silica gel products as a new type of synthetic polymer materials, its advantages are also very prominent:
1. Silica gel products have high elongation, corrosion resistance, good high temperature
Introduction to silicone catheter knowledge
Silica gel conduit is a kind of special comprehensive performance of a wide range of good rubber, with excellent electrical insulation performance, aging resistance, chemical stability, oxidatio
The outstanding properties of silica gel products
The basic structure of silicone rubber is composed of silicon - oxygen chain, side chain is connected with various other organic groups through silicon atoms, this special composition and molecular st
Silicone products that bring you to life
At the mention of silicone products in the past, most people would probably just shake their heads, wondering, what is that? Full of questions, we feel that silicone products are very far away from us
Silica gel products are mainly used
Mobile phones, cameras, iPads and other electronic products are made of silica gel. And those of you who have children at home are more familiar with silicone products, which are children's toys. Why


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